Active Slug Control Technology
increases Oil Production and extends Oil Well Life
It's easy to Install and Economically Competitive
Active Slug Control Technology for the Oil Industry

Active Slug Control Technology


Severe multiphase slugging flow, in which pockets of liquid cause blockages due to lack of upstream pressure, is a problem especially related to mature oil field operations such as the North Sea.

Conventional Slug Mitigation

As an oil well ages, gases and fluids mix in the flow lines resulting in large pressure and production fluctuations, which can give rise to operational hazards and even damage. Conventional slug mitigation measures involve slowing down oil extraction, and could reduce oil production up to 10%.

A New Approach

To counteract this problem, Neftemer and our consortium members are deploying platform-based instrumentation coupled with novel algorithms and software to manage data with the goal of timely prediction and control of slugging flows on off-shore platforms with a minimum impact on normal oil production.

The technology will increase oil production, and well life will also be extended – slug induced losses are currently £6bn each year worldwide. The control system will be easy to install and economically competitive with revenue opportunities and benefits for the UK North Sea extraction industry and other such world-wide applications.

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Active Slug Control

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